ORA Mobile Laser Tag

We bring the joy of affordable laser tag to your birthday party, community event, summer camp, local fair, or corporate event! Mobile laser tag is like bringing computer games people play in their basement on an Xbox or Play Station to life in the great outdoors. Players run around hiding behind trees and bunkers, tagging their friends while the computer keeps score.

Mobile Laser Tag utilizes some of the technology of traditional indoor laser tag, but incorporates the gameplay of paintball. Players have a laser tagger which is equipped with an infrared light emitter and sensors for detecting hits. The player does not need to wear any special gear or clothing.

We use very safe infrared taggers that use the same technology found in your TV's remote control - only modified to accurately travel more than 500 feet.

What we bring

10 taggers we are able to cycle through 100 players in an hour. 

An attendant to manage a wide variety of games.

Inflatable barriers to create an exciting arena style playing area .


Email for a quote at Info@tubys.ca

Technical Requirements

Ground area must be relatively flat and free of tripping hazards.

All players must sign a waiver to participate

We run (light) rain or shine

We require 80 x 80 feet of grassed or forested area