FAQ - Laser Tag

Where can you play?

Where would you like to play? We are a fully mobile operation and bring the game to you. If you want to play at your house, office, park, forest, fair, school, gymnasium, inside or outside - you name the location and we will work with you to make it happen. The play area possibilities are endless. 

How much space do you require?

You can play in an area as small as 30 x 30 metres (90 x 90 feet) and as large as several acres.

What do I bring?

We strongly recommend you wear covered shoes/hiking boots, long pants and bring plenty of water. Players can bring 2-way radios for team communications if we are playing large scenarios. Clothing and protection appropriate for the environment (sunscreen, bug spray, gloves, etc.)

What if it rains?

We can still play in most weather conditions including misty rain, snow, or sunlight.

Is it like indoor laser tag?

If you like traditional indoor laser tag then you'll absolutely love playing FunLight Laser Tag. The technology is similar, but there are many additional possibilities for adventures or much longer missions instead of elimination and timed sessions.

Who can play?

The game is open to anyone whose parent or guardian has signed our waiver.

How many people do I need to play at a private function?

There are no minimums. If you have more than 10 players, they will have to take turns and sit out scenarios.

Can you do indoor events?

Yes, absolutely! Our taggers have been designed for both indoor and outdoor play, so we can set up virtually anywhere.