FAQ - Climbing

Is climbing safe?

Yes! Rock Climbing Walls have been manufactured and are maintained to the highest standards. They can be used indoors or outdoors.  Our staff are trained to ensure a safe and positive experience.

Ok, so what is the difference between "auto-belay" and “manual belay”?

This is the hydraulic cable safety system that the climber hooks up to. It allows them to automatically and safely descend to the ground on their own. A manual belay system uses a rope to manually support a climber’s descent.

Is there a minimum or maximum age?

Rock climbing is suitable for all ages and abilities. We have had children as young as 3 years old and adults as old as 75+ make it to the top! For birthday parties, our experience has shown that children 6 years of age and older have the most fun climbing. The walls are set-up with routes that suit beginners or with routes that will challenge the more athletic and experienced climbers.

Is there a weight limit for climbing?

The range for climbers is between 40 and 250 lbs.  If a child is strong enough to pull themselves up the wall they can climb. We will help the younger climbers ascend to a certain degree. However, the child needs to do most of the work. In some situations a secondary rope will be added to assist the climber back to the ground. 

Do we need rock climbing experience?

No! The climbing walls are designed to meet the needs of novice through expert climbers. We provide beginner, intermediate or advanced routes depending on your needs.

What about supervision?

Our climbmasters supervise, coach and encourage the climbers. Only the climbers are allowed in the climb zone so they receive total attention. Our personnel inspect and recheck each climber’s harness and gear before each climb. 

Do you have Insurance?

ORA is fully insured and can provide all clients with a certificate of insurance from our provider.

Do you do Private Parties?

Yes.  Are you tired of inflatable jump rooms and slides? Treat your kids (or your Inner Child) to a party they’ll always remember. Other than the simple fun of climbing to the top, our staff will offer your climbers fun challenging games and races.

What about Corporate Events?

Treat your employees to a fun, extreme adventure at your next company picnic or fun fair. Want to attract a crowd? Utilize climbing wall as an attraction at your next promotional event and hang your logo or banners high on the sides for the best marketing advantage. Please call for banner dimensions.

Do you go to School and Church Functions?

Yes!  Schools and church groups all over the country have been hosting their harvest festivals, sober grad nights, fundraisers, and other fun events with climbing walls. Need a new activity for your summer camp? Having a climbing wall is a great way to increase the attendance at your camp as well as having an activity that is safe, fun, and intrinsically builds confidence in kids of all ages.

Are you available for Fund Raisers?

Yes, climbing walls and laser tag makes a great attraction at your fund raising event.  And they will draw more people to your event.  Why?  Because the climbing is a blast. 

What are the walls’ availability?

ORA has two walls, but due to extreme demand during the summer season (May thru Labor Day), we recommend that you reserve a climbing wall at least two months before your planned event day(s). If possible, include an alternative event date.

How much room do I need?

The climbing walls require no overhead obstructions up to 30 feet.  The footprint is 30 feet long by 8 feet wide.  Always allow additional area in front of theclimbing wal for crowds to gather.  Our truck tows the wall into place on a tandem axel trailer.  Tight turns sometimes prohibit our truck from manoeuvring into a tight place.

Does it take long to set up?

Just 10-15 minutes and the wall can be ready for climbers. The wall is a self-contained unit on its own trailer. A flat area is all that’s needed! You can place a wall in a parking lot, lawn, or any flat area!