ORA Climbing walls

Climbing and other "extreme" sports have quickly gained in acceptance and popularity with people of all ages. ORA offers portable climbing walls to provide a unique and exciting opportunity for people to experience the thrill of rock climbing at your event. Past experiences show that portable climbing walls draw great attention and crowds to a variety of events. With an ORA portable wall, all the adventure and thrills of climbing can be had in a safe environment at almost any location. At heights of 26 feet and with multiple paths up a wall, our two portable wall options can prove challenging for people of all ages and abilities.

Knowledgeable Staff

With our well trained staff, a portable wall can accommodate up to 100 climbers per hour. Staff members are veteran climbers themselves, and many of them have years of experience climbing both indoors and out.


Email for a quote to info@tubbys.ca

Technical Requirements

Ground area must be flat & level and clear of any overhead trees/wires etc.

We must be able to pull the trailer into position with a fullsize pickup truck.

All climbers must sign a waiver to climb.

We run rain or shine.